Our Process

  • Eliminates needless hassle for sellers
  • Creates an all in one solution for marketing, sales, processing, title and closing
  • Features high levels of transparency, agents can track their files through our proprietary software
  • Enables a structured solution for failed (dismissal or case where relief from stay has been granted) Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases

We are dedicated to completing the task. The nature of the transactions we work on feature a high level of difficulty, from agents to support staff our specialization allows us to tackle issues as they arise. Focus and dedication are key ingredients in maximizing benefit to our sellers. We pair focus, dedication, persistence and process with an obsession for execution.

We are comprehensive, every listing we take has up front title research and a detailed plan that is developed cooperatively with our group. We create custom solutions for each seller, our plan takes property condition into account and seller objectives to create outcomes that provide maximum benefit to our client.

  1. Seller Interview: Detailed situation analysis
  2. Pre-Listing: Title analysis
  3. Listing: Customized marketing plan, focused on meeting seller objectives
  4. Marketing: Each plan is designed to seller’s specific objectives
  5. Negotiations: Seller is presented with a detailed recommendation for each multi offer presentation
  6. Closing: Our team coordinates with all parties to ensure a clean closing
  7. Post-closing: Our database provides for post-closing support to clients